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Adoption of the law in favour of the self-employed

On February the 8th, 2022, the French Parliament definitively adopted a law in favour of the self-employed : la « loi en faveur de l'activité professionnelle indépendante ».

This law carries forward the reforms initiated by the PACTE law to promote the creation of businesses, facilitate their growth and simplify the procedures for the self-employed. It also supplements the tax and social measures already adopted in the context of the Finance law and Social security financing law for 2022.

A simpler and more protective legal, tax and social environment for the self-employed

What are the concrete measures of this law?

  • Creation of a single protective status for the entrepreneurs individuels and abolition of the status of entreprise individuelle à responsabilité limitée (E.I.R.L.).

The status of entreprise individuelle will be the only possible choice for those who work on their own. The E.I.R.L (entreprise individuelle à responsabilité limitée) will be abolished but its benefits will be transferred to the status of entreprise individuelle.

The new single status of entreprise individuelle will allow all of the personal assets of the self-employed to be, by default, unseizable by professional creditors. Thus, only the assets necessary for the entrepreneur's professional activity can be seized, in the event of professional bankruptcy.

  • It becomes easier for the self-employed to develop their activity by moving from entreprise individuelle to a company.

  • Easing of the conditions governing the benefit of the allocation travailleurs indépendants. From now on, the self-employed who would see their activity become non-viable will be able to benefit from this allowance and better ensure their rebound.

  • Regarding the managers of limited liability companies (S.A.R.L.), their debts of social contributions will be erased as part of an over-indebtedness proceeding.

Do you feel that this law will help you run your business more effectively ?


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