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Customer information: is your business compliant?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Welcome to My Blog! here is another edition of my "business Wednesday" blog post.

As a professional in France, you have an obligation to inform your customers not only about the main characteristics of the goods or services you provide, but also the processing of their personal data. Regular controls are carried out by the competent authorities and in case of dispute, it is up to the seller to prove that this duty has been fulfilled.

Consumer information: is your business compliant?

The importance of having written documents

It is therefore important to have written documents to be brought to the customer's attention as a proof that you have fulfilled your duty to provide information. It is required to have 2 separate documents:

The general terms and conditions of sale (conditions gÉnÉrales de vente)

This document must include 6 compulsory legal requirements :

  • Identity of the seller

  • Main characteristics of the good or service

  • Price of the good or service

  • Date by which the professional undertakes to deliver the goods or to perform the service

  • Contact details of the consumer ombudsman (médiateur de la consommation) to which you have subscribed

  • In some instances, information about the consumer's right of withdrawal

These 3 other points are not mandatory but it can be recommended to include them in your CGVs depending on your activity :

  • Liability

  • Confidentiality

  • Force majeure

Policy of personal data protection (Politique de protection des données personnelles)

The obligation to have a formal policy of data protection and to bring it to the attention of the consumers derives from the E.U. law on data protection "GDPR" and the French law "Loi informatique et libertés". As a result, every professional who holds personal data must -at a minimum- inform his customers of :

  • Identity and contact details of the person responsible for the data processing

  • Purpose of the data processing

  • Legal basis for the data processing

  • Whether or not it is compulsory to provide such data

  • Recipient of personal data

  • Duration of data retention

  • Rights of access and rectification

  • Identity and contact details of the data protection officer (if appointed)

  • The possibility to lodge a complaint with the CNIL (Commission nationale informatique et libertés).

Did you know about the duty to provide information to your consumer? Do you want more info? Do you need help drafting your informational documents? Drop me an email at


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