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Funding your business: financial support for women entrepreneurs

Welcome to My Blog! here is another edition of my "business Wednesday" blog post.

Are you a woman who intends to start up her own business but needs to make substantial investments to begin with? Do you need greater cash flow to start earning revenue? Know that financial assistance is available to start a new business or take on an existing one. Here is an overview of the funding programs that will help start your business.

Funding your business: financial support for women entrepreneurs

"Egalite femmes" Loan guarantee

This program is implemented by France Active, a not-for-profit agency whose purpose is to provide aspiring women entrepreneurs access to bank loans via a guarantee scheme. The guarantee scheme will cover up to 80% of a bank loan up to an amount of 50.000 euros per project.

"Initiative France" honour loan

This is an unsecured and interest-free loan granted by Initiative France . It allows women entrepreneurs to build up capital, a way to later access larger loans. The amount of this honour loan depends on both the nature of the project and the capital needs. It usually goes from 3000 to 50.000 euros. The national average is 9.700 euros.

Wom'energy : a program that promotes female entrepreneurship

This program was created by Réseau entreprendre and aims to support women entrepreneurs in every stage of their projects by offering personal assistance and a honour loan of between 15.000 and 50.000 euros.

Do you want more info on financial support for women entrepreneurs? Do you need help applying for funding? Drop me an email at


Hi I'm Mathilde, a lawyer passionate about entrepreneurship and expatriation. I support expatriates in setting up and managing their businesses in France. Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your business? I'm here to guide you!

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